Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #349

By James Work Photography

August 1, 2012

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Oh the irony of it all. I longed and searched for a nice mushroom/toadstool all over the meadows of the Lincoln National forest in New Mexico for a subject to photograph. I found one tiny specimen that I did make an image purely because it was all I had with which to work.This afternoon, my wonderful neighbor and lady of nature, Carolyn, emailed me that she had a gorgeous fungi growing in her front yard, about a half a block away. I had driven 700 miles round trip to the forest and then found what I had been looking for in my back yard (well almost). Heck, I even had a pleasant conversation with a couple of LDS Elders doing their door to door knocking missionary work while laying on my stomach with my subject. We each politely and respectfully defended our respective religious positions, shook hands and went our different paths to hopefully the same (more or less) destination.Abba does have his way of making His glory seen on our journey††††nade te turbe††††jim

via Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #349.

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